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Legalise Cannabis 
Menu - Active Map - Load this graphic!! The war on drugs in Scotland is now online! The latest news from the frontline - sentences, droughts, protests. Adopt a prisoner of war. Plus our attempts to sue for peace - finding out the views of society, and lobbying.

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We'll keep you up to date with important campaign news if you become a supporter. Sorry for the delay in sending out the supporter packs. Both Proposition 215 and Proposition 200 were passed in the American elections, but there is uncertainty about how the laws will work. A chronically-ill Bristol couple who smoke cannabis grown in their greenhouse only have to pay ? 22 costs, after admitting cultivation.

LCCS logo PO Box 12758, Edinburgh, EH8 9YP.
Telephone 0131-667-6488
Email: linda@anamika.freeserve.co.uk
Bank Account: 80-02-83 00325347

The LCC Scotland campaigns for cannabis law reform in Scotland. We believe that herbal cannabis should be availible on prescription; that all criminal penalties for cannabis production, distribution, and possession should be removed; that individuals should be allowed to grow a small number of plants in their own home, for their own use, without a licence; that cannabis should be made availible for sale, subject to licences; that people serving prison sentences for cannabis offences should be released; and that no one should be refused entry into Scotland on the basis of a cannabis conviction abroad. We intend to continue campaigning until these aims are met, then evolve into a consumers association.
LCC Scotland has members and supporters. Members are allowed to vote at meetings, get money off any special events and merchandise, and receive copies of our bimonthly newsletter. Membership rates are ?5 (?4 claimants/students) for one year or ?12 for three years. Group membership costs ?15 a year. To join send a cheque/PO made payable to LCC to the above address. You can become a supporter for free.
Our bimonthly newsletter contains campaign news, Scottish and world news, prisoners of war and medical users own stories, and reviews of cannabis-related products and services. You can subscribe to our newsletter without becoming a member for ?2 for one year or ?5 for three years. Competition! Suggest a catchy title for our newsletter and you could win a prize.


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